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Friday, 6 July 2012 | Friday, July 06, 2012 | 0 comment[s]


Good morning everybody! Lama dah tak menaip kat blog ni. Ceh, padahal baru je semalam update. K nvmd. Sports Day has become history so, how you feel today? Much better? Good. Oh yea, congratulations to those who go to school. I know uolls sangat rajin. Me? Slothful. Aha don't ask me why. :p Emm wait. Talk about slothful....just remind me about next event. What event? Ughh sad to know, next week on Monday ada Hari Koperasi bla bla bla. Sangat malas saya hendak membawa vest and other shit stuff which is related to the Hari Koperasi nanti. Plus, we need to sing Semangat Koperasi's song. Yeahmann~ It is so so so so tak sedap. Harap harap cikgu tak suruh nyanyi lagu tu. Please teacher, memahamilah kami ini.. Lebih rela nyanyi macam orang tepi jalan tu daripada nyanyi lagu 'tak berfaedah' tu. <<desperate sangat kah aku? 


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